Welcome Newbies and Oldies

After years on Blogger I finally made the switch!  I hope my old friends will follow the link and find me here.♥

This blog will continue to share about the use, reuse, recycle, re-purpose and up-cycle andLOVE of Vintage” and retro home decor, dishes, books, glass ware, and kitchen items: cookware, utensils, baking tools, teapots etc……

For the newbies here’s the general topic list for posts:

Up-Cycle items you might think are just junk……. so FUN!
How to re-use vintage items after a quick update……… DIY!
Links to many other cool vintage resources
My adorable pets, ( I couldn’t resist )
Re-purpose old stuff into functional useful items and decor……..really COOL!

My favorite new finds from estate sales.
Ideas to eliminate waste, be kinder to our planet and respect the environment!

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Yeah!!!!, we’re following the chicken!